Thursday, February 04, 2010

WebLogic Console Performance

Now this is a dear subject to all administrators and developers.
Slow console performance can really drive you nuts when you need to use it a lot.
The solution might be closer than you think. This is for installations on Windows I might add.
The console app was rewritten in version 10.3 and now performs quite nicely given that certain configuration aspects are considered.
The problem could be that WebLogic is so helpful that when you create domains to run your applications. WebLogic discovers all your network interfaces on your machine and adds them to it's configuration which allows you to access the server on any of the interfaces. The solution is simply to setup the server to listen on of the interfaces.
The easiest way to accomplish this is to start the console and navigate to the configuration page for the server. If you look in the "Domain Structure" pane of the left klick down into yourDomain/Environment/Servers/theServer.
yourDomain and theServer should be replaced with the values for your configuration.
On this page change the Listen Address: to something useful for the actual server. For development will probably give you the best performance.

You can find more information here

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